What Is The Estes Method?

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The realm of paranormal investigation is a field that seeks to understand and uncover the mysteries of the unknown. Among the various methods used by investigators to communicate with spirits and entities, “The Estes Method” stands out as an innovative approach that combines sensory deprivation with spirit communication techniques. In this article, we’ll delve into The Estes Method, understanding its origins, procedure, and its significance in the world of paranormal exploration.

What Is The Estes Method?

The Estes Method is named after Estes Park, Colorado, where it was first developed by paranormal investigator and YouTube content creator Connor Randall. The technique gained prominence through the YouTube channel “The Paranormal Files,” where Randall and his team documented their investigations using The Estes Method.

Understanding The Estes Method

The Estes Method is a blend of sensory deprivation and spirit communication techniques, often involving the use of a spirit box or ghost box. The primary goal is to create an environment where potential communication from spirits or entities can occur. The method is typically executed as follows:

  1. Sensory Deprivation: The person conducting the session wears noise-canceling headphones that are connected to a spirit box. The headphones prevent the investigator from hearing external sounds and allow them to focus solely on the spirit box’s output.
  2. Spirit Box Communication: A spirit box is a device that rapidly scans through radio frequencies, producing snippets of white noise and audio fragments. Some believe that spirits can manipulate these fragments to form coherent responses.
  3. Blindfold or Eye Mask: In some variations of The Estes Method, the investigator also wears a blindfold or an eye mask to further enhance sensory deprivation, preventing them from seeing the environment around them.
  4. Questions and Responses: The investigator asks questions aloud, and any potential responses or relevant words that are heard through the spirit box’s output are considered as possible interactions with spirits.
  5. Digital Recording: The entire session is typically recorded, allowing for later analysis and review of any potential paranormal communication.

Significance Of The Estes Method

The Estes Method is significant in the paranormal investigation community for several reasons:

  • Sensory Isolation: By using sensory deprivation techniques, investigators aim to minimize external distractions, potentially allowing them to focus more on any potential spirit communication.
  • Real-Time Interaction: The method allows for real-time interactions with potential spirits or entities, as responses or words are heard through the spirit box during the session.
  • Debates and Controversies: The Estes Method has sparked debates within the paranormal community. Skeptics question whether the responses are truly from spirits or if they can be attributed to radio interference or other factors.
  • Personal Experience: The sensory deprivation aspect of The Estes Method can create an intense and immersive experience for investigators, potentially leading to personal encounters and insights.


The Estes Method adds a layer of innovation to paranormal investigation, merging sensory deprivation with spirit communication techniques. By creating an environment that isolates external sensory stimuli, investigators seek to establish a potential connection with the spirit world through spirit boxes. Whether you view The Estes Method as a tool for uncovering paranormal activity or as a subject of debate within the field, its unique approach continues to fascinate and intrigue those dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of the unknown.

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