Top 10 Longest Long Jump In The World

Did you know who has the longest long jump world record? The long-jump is a sport in which contenders use speed, perseverance, and energy to jump as high as possible from the starting position. Many players have tried to make their mark on world records with their long jump skills but some have succeeded. Let’s check out the longest long jump.  

List Of 10 Longest Long Jump

In the above list, there are 10 longest long jump world records. 

  1. Stefan Kraft 
  2. Michael Powell
  3. Robert Beamon 
  4. Carl Lewis 
  5. Robert Emmiyan 
  6. Larry Myricks 
  7. Erick Walder 
  8. Dwight Phillips 
  9. Tara Davis
  10. Norwegian Arne Tvervaag

Top 10 Longest Long Jump

From the above list of the longest long jump, there are the top 10 players who have the longest jump ever.

  1. Stefan Kraft

Stefan Kraft

Mark – 253.5 M

In March 2017, Stefan Kraft set an official world record for the longest ski long jump of 253.5 meters at Vikersundbakken in Vikersund, Norway.

  1. Michael Powell

Michael Powell

Mark – 8.95 M

Do you know who has the long jump world record in meters?

Michael Powell is a retired American track and field competitor who holds the world record for the longest long jump of all time. Powell is a two-time world champion and two-time Olympics silver medalist with a World record of 8.95 meters.

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  1. Robert Beamon

Robert Beamon 

Mark – 8.90 M

Did you know who has the longest long jump in the Olympics?

Robert Beamon set the record for the longest Olympic long jump of 8.90 meters. Robert is a retired American track and field competitor best known for breaking the world record in the long jump at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics.

  1. Carl Lewis

Carl Lewis 

Mark – 8.87 M

Frederick Carlton CarlLewis is a retired American track and field competitor who has won 9 gold and 1 silver medals in the Olympics and 10 world championship medals, 8 of which were gold. On August 30, 1991, Carl set the longest long jump record of 8.87 meters.

  1. Robert Emmiyan

Robert Emmiyan

Mark – 8.86 M

Robert Emmiyan is one of the men’s long jump world record holders. He is a former long jumper who contested for Armenia and the Soviet Union. Robert Emmiyan is the 4th greatest long jumper in history and the best non-African long jumper.

  1. Larry Myricks

Larry Myricks

Mark – 8.74 M

Larry Myricks is one of the records for the world’s longest-long jump holders who won the world indoor Championships on 2 occasions and the world cup on 2 occasions. Larry won the bronze medals at the World Championships and Seoul Olympics.

  1. Erick Walder

Erick Walder

Mark – 8.74 M

Erick Walder is a one-time long jumper from the United States. He was a 2-time bronze medalist at the IAAF World Indoor Championships and a silver medalist at the 1997 World Championships in Athletics.

  1. Dwight Phillips

dwight phillips

Mark – 8.74 M 

Dwight Phillips is a 4-time World champion and retired American athlete. He won the 2004 Olympics. His personal best of 2009 was 8.74 meters.

  1. Tara Davis

Tara Davis

Mark – 6.43 M

Tara Davis set the longest long jump in high school indoor record with a leap of 21 feet, 11 inches. She broke the record by jumping 6.68 meters on February 11, 2017, at the Dumanis Sports Group Prep Classic in Frisco, Texas.

  1. Norwegian Arne Tvervaag

Norwegian Arne Tvervaag

Mark – 3.71 M

The world record for the longest standing long jump is held by Norwegian Arne Tvervaag, who jumped 3.71 meters.

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What Is The Long Jump Measurement? 

The standard for long jump is an outer boundary without a runway of at least 40 meters, a level of takeoff board with a surface of at least 1 meter at the end of the runway, and a sandy landing area of at least 2075 meters and 3 meters. Not wider than 2.98 meters.

What Is The World Record Of The Long Jump 2021?

Greece’s long jump champion Miltiadis “Miltos” Tentoglou achieved a distance of 8.60 meters in the long jump on Wednesday, the best jump in the world for 2021, at a track and field event in Athens.

Who Holds The 100m Record?

Usain Bolt set the current 100m world record at the 2009 IAAF World Championships, clocking an astonishing 9.58 seconds for the feat.

Who Is The Current Best Long Jumper?

The current world record is held by Norwegian Arne Tvervaag, who jumped 3.71 meters (12′ 2.1″) in Noresund on 11 November 1968.

How Far Can A Human Jump?

The farthest anyone has ever jumped in one bound with a running start is about 8.95 meters (29 feet, 4 1/2 inches).

How Far Can A Human Fall Without Getting Hurt?

How far can a human being fall and survive? Normally, not very far. People usually survive falls from a height of 20-25 feet (6-8 meters), but above that, things get very deadly very fast.

What Is The Longest Time To Sleep?

Peter Powers holds the world record for longest hypnotic sleep. He stayed asleep for about eight days in 1959 this record was exclusively covered by the European media

What Are The Five Rules In Long Jump?

There are five main components of the long jump: the approach run, the last two strides, takeoff, action in the air, and landing. Speed in the run-up, or approach, and a high leap off the board are the fundamentals of success.

Are Double Jumps Possible?

That would suggest, then, that an achievable double jump would require generating sufficient reactive force through contact with the air. In real life, this is undoable – the mass of the air is so small that it provides too small a reactionary force to accelerate your mass enough to propel you upwards again.

Is It True That If You Can Jump 2 Feet High On Earth You Can Jump 12 Feet High On The Moon?

On the moon, you’d be able to jump six times higher than you can right now — if you can manage 23.6 inches (60 centimeters) on Earth, then you could clear over 9.8 feet (three meters) on the moon, smashing the current world high jump record. The next likely destination for humans is Mars.


In the above article, we share information about the world records for the longest jump. We discussed the length of the jump and also, how many medals did they get? It was all about the longest long jump in the world.  

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What is the longest long jump in history

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