What Is The Book Number On A Passport?

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In the realm of travel documentation, every detail on a passport holds crucial information. One such element that often raises questions is the Passport Book Number. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into what the Passport Book Number is, its distinctions from the Passport Number, its location, and its significance in various travel-related processes.

What Is The Book Number On A Passport?

The Book Number on a passport is a unique identifier assigned to the passport booklet itself. It serves as a means of differentiating between different passport books and plays a role in record-keeping and administrative processes.

Passport Book Number Vs. Passport Number:

It’s essential to distinguish between the Passport Book Number and the Passport Number. The Passport Number is a unique identifier for the individual, while the Passport Book Number specifically identifies the passport booklet. Understanding this difference helps in accurate documentation and processing.

U.S. Passport Book Number:

For U.S. passports, the Passport Book Number is a nine-digit alphanumeric code typically located on the biodata page. This page includes personal information, such as the passport holder’s name, date of birth, and photograph.

Passport Book Number Vs. Card Number:

In the context of U.S. passports, the Passport Book Number is specific to the passport booklet, while the Card Number pertains to a U.S. Passport Card, which is a wallet-sized alternative to the traditional passport book.

Passport Book Number In Ds-160:

When completing the DS-160 form for a U.S. visa application, you may be required to provide the Passport Book Number. Ensure accuracy in entering this information, as it aids in the proper identification and processing of your application.

U.S. Passport Book Number Location:

Locating the Passport Book Number is crucial. In U.S. passports, it is found on the biodata page, often at the bottom. The format may vary, but it generally consists of nine alphanumeric characters. Take care not to confuse it with the Passport Number, which is a different identifier.

Passport Number Lookup:

While there isn’t a universal system for passport number lookup due to privacy and security concerns, relevant authorities, such as immigration or consular offices, can assist in verifying passport information. The Passport Number, rather than the Book Number, is typically used for such verifications.

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Who Gets The Next Generation Passport:

The Next Generation Passport, also known as the e-passport, incorporates advanced security features. It is gradually being issued to U.S. citizens and includes technological enhancements to further secure the passport and its associated information.

Passport Book Vs. Card:

Understanding the distinction between a Passport Book and a Passport Card is crucial for travelers. The Passport Book is a traditional booklet for international travel, while the Passport Card is wallet-sized and designed for land and sea travel between the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda.

What Is The Book Number On A Passport?

In summary, the Book Number on a passport is a specific identifier for the passport booklet itself. It aids in administrative processes and record-keeping, distinguishing one passport book from another. Travelers should be mindful of its location, especially when filling out forms or undergoing visa application processes.


As you embark on your international journeys, understanding the nuances of passport identification, including the Passport Book Number, ensures smooth travel experiences. Whether you’re completing forms, applying for visas, or simply perusing your passport, recognizing the significance of each element contributes to a well-informed and hassle-free travel documentation process.


How Do I Find My Passport Book Number?

What is an alphanumeric passport number? The passport number in the NGP book begins with a letter, followed by eight numbers. It is located in the top right corner of your data page and is included throughout the NGP book on the bottom of each page.

Is The Book Number The Same As The Passport Number For A Passport?

No they’re two different numbers. The passport number is used by the holder of the passport. The book number not is for internal/official usage.

What Is The Book On A Passport?

A passport book is a small booklet available to U.S. citizens and non-citizen nationals that can be used for international travel by air, sea or land. For travelers age 16 or older at the date of issue, the books are valid for 10 years. Younger travelers are given passports that are valid for five years.

Is Passport Number And Id Number The Same?

Is an ID number and a passport number the same? No, not always. Passport is one type of ID document and if you choose to show your passport as the preferred ID document, then ID number will be your passport number.

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