What Is An Unsub?

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In the realms of criminal investigations and finance, the term “unsub” carries diverse meanings. From crime dramas to financial contexts, understanding what an unsub is can shed light on various facets of our daily lives. This comprehensive guide navigates through the different dimensions of “unsub,” unraveling its significance and usage.

What Is An Unsub?

An “unsub” is a term commonly used in criminal investigations, particularly in popular crime dramas like Criminal Minds. Short for “unknown subject,” it refers to an unidentified person who is the subject of an ongoing investigation. The use of “unsub” adds an element of mystery and intrigue, reflecting the challenge investigators face when dealing with an elusive perpetrator.

What Is An Unsub In Criminal Minds:

In the context of the TV show Criminal Minds, an “unsub” is a central element of each episode. The Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) uses this term to describe the unknown perpetrator they are trying to identify and apprehend. The term has become synonymous with the show’s narrative, creating a unique and engaging aspect of criminal profiling.

What Is An Unsub Fbi:

In real-life law enforcement, the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) adopts the term “unsub” to categorize individuals under investigation whose identities are yet to be revealed. The FBI’s use of this term emphasizes the challenge of dealing with cases where the perpetrator is unidentified, requiring specialized investigative techniques.

What Is An Unsub Loan:

In financial contexts, an “unsub loan” refers to an unsubsidized loan, commonly associated with student loans. Unlike subsidized loans, unsubsidized loans accrue interest from the time they are disbursed, adding a financial dimension to the term “unsub.”

Is Unsub A Real Term:

Yes, “unsub” is a real term, commonly used in law enforcement and investigative settings. While its origins can be traced to television dramas like Criminal Minds, it has been adopted by real-life agencies such as the FBI to describe unidentified subjects under investigation.

What Is An Unsub Police:

In police work, the term “unsub” is used to describe a suspect or individual under investigation whose identity is not yet known. It is a shorthand way for law enforcement to refer to the challenge of identifying and apprehending someone involved in criminal activities.

What Is An Unsub Urban Dictionary:

The term “unsub” has also found its way into popular culture, including online platforms like Urban Dictionary. Here, it is defined as an unknown subject, similar to its usage in law enforcement. The entry reflects the broader influence of the term beyond its original contexts.

Unsub Meaning In Hindi:

The term “unsub” can be translated into Hindi as “अज्ञात विषय” (Ajnāt Vishay), capturing the essence of an unidentified subject or person under scrutiny.

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Unsub Suspect:

An “unsub suspect” is a redundant but commonly used phrase in investigative contexts. It underscores the idea that the individual under scrutiny is not only a suspect but also an unknown or unidentified one, amplifying the complexity of the investigation.

Unsub Vs. Perp:

While “unsub” refers to an unknown subject, “perp” is short for perpetrator, indicating someone identified as being involved in a crime. The comparison between “unsub” and “perp” highlights the crucial distinction between an unidentified and an identified individual in criminal investigations.

How Many Times Is Unsub Said In Criminal Minds:

The frequency of the term “unsub” in Criminal Minds is a notable aspect of the show’s lexicon. Throughout its multiple seasons, the term is mentioned numerous times, reflecting its central role in the narrative and the profiling work undertaken by the BAU.


In conclusion, the term “unsub” extends beyond the realms of television dramas, making its mark in real-life law enforcement and financial contexts. Whether used to describe an unknown perpetrator in a criminal investigation or an unsubsidized loan in the financial sector, “unsub” encapsulates the challenge of dealing with the unknown. Embracing its multi-faceted usage provides a nuanced understanding of the term’s significance in diverse aspects of our society.


What Is An Unsub In The Fbi?

UNSUBS – Unknown Subjects. UCR – Uniform Crime Reporting (or Report)

What Is The Unsub On Criminal Minds?

In a criminal profile, the unsub (short for unknown subject or unidentified subject of an investigation) is the unidentified person whose crimes are being investigated. The term “unsub” is associated with “unsub profiling,” where investigators determine traits about an unsub to narrow the suspect pool.

What Does The Unsub Stand For?

The term “unsub” is commonly used in the context of law enforcement and criminal investigations, particularly in the TV show “Criminal Minds.” It stands for “unknown subject” and is used to refer to an unidentified suspect or perpetrator.

Do Police Use The Term Unsub?

“UNSUB” Is A Real FBI Term

In fact, this term has been used by the FBI and other departments to talk about unidentified subjects for years.

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