What Is A Binary Trigger?

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In the realm of firearm enhancements, binary triggers have gained attention for their unique firing mechanism, offering increased versatility and control. Let’s explore the intricacies of binary triggers, their functionality, legality, and their role in the firearms landscape.

What Is A Binary Trigger?

A binary trigger is a firearm enhancement that alters the standard firing mechanism, allowing a shooter to discharge a round both when the trigger is pulled and released, effectively enabling a shot for each action.

What Is A Binary Trigger On A Gun?

In firearms, a binary trigger modifies the standard trigger system, enabling the firearm to discharge a round upon both the pull and release of the trigger, providing rapid and controlled firing capabilities.

What Is A Binary Trigger System?

A binary trigger system involves a modification to the firearm’s trigger mechanism, allowing for a dual-action firing process where one round is fired upon the trigger pull and another upon the trigger release, offering increased firing rate control.

What Is A Binary Trigger On A Rifle?

On rifles, a binary trigger functions similarly to other firearms, facilitating rapid fire by discharging a round upon both the pull and release of the trigger, offering increased shooting speed while maintaining control.

Is A Binary Trigger Legal?

The legality of binary triggers varies by state and country. Some jurisdictions permit their use, while others may have restrictions or consider them illegal. It’s crucial to research and understand local firearm laws before acquiring or using a binary trigger.

Binary Trigger Legal States:

States differ in their regulations concerning binary triggers. Some states allow their use without restrictions, while others have specific laws or may consider binary triggers as restricted or prohibited enhancements.

Binary Trigger Ar15:

Binary triggers are available for various firearm models, including the popular AR-15 platform. When installed on an AR-15, a binary trigger provides the same dual-action firing capability, enhancing the firearm’s shooting capabilities.

What Is A Binary Trigger In Airsoft?

In airsoft, binary triggers mimic their firearm counterparts, providing a similar firing mechanism where a round is fired upon both the trigger pull and release, offering increased realism and shooting control in airsoft replicas.

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Franklin Armory Binary Trigger:

Franklin Armory is a manufacturer known for producing binary triggers, offering options for various firearms. Their binary trigger systems provide shooters with increased firing capabilities and control.

$100 Binary Trigger:

Binary triggers are available at varying price points, including options around $100. Prices may vary based on the firearm model, manufacturer, quality, and features of the binary trigger system.

Are Binary Triggers Legal In Maryland/Virginia?

The legality of binary triggers in Maryland and Virginia is subject to state firearm laws. Researching and understanding state-specific regulations is crucial before acquiring or using binary triggers in these regions.


Binary triggers, with their unique firing mechanism, provide shooters with increased firing rate control and versatility. However, their legality varies by jurisdiction, necessitating a thorough understanding of local firearm laws before their acquisition or use. As with any firearm enhancement, responsible use and adherence to applicable laws are paramount.


Are Binary Ar Triggers Legal?

The binary trigger, which allows a weapon to fire one round when the trigger is pulled and another when it is released, is legal in most states and at the federal level. The binary trigger and bump stocks work differently than forced-set triggers.

What Is A Binary Trigger Vs Normal Trigger?

Unlike a standard semi-auto trigger, a binary trigger has two modes of firing. The first setting lets you fire off a single round each time you press the trigger, just like any boring old semi-automatic weapon. . However, with a simple flip of a switch, you can shift into binary mode.

Can You Turn Off Binary Trigger?

So, if you decide you don’t want to be in the binary mode after you pull the trigger, you can change the mode right before you release the trigger, and this will stop that second round from being sent downrange. The breakdown of the binary trigger is all in the actions of pressing and releasing the trigger.

What Does Binary Mean In Firearms?

Semiautomatic is self-explanatory; it’s the standard trigger type that fires one round from your gun per trigger pull. A binary trigger setting fires two rounds with each pull of the trigger – once when you pull the trigger and once when you release the trigger.

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