Top 10 Longest Runway In The World

Did you know what is the longest runway in the world? The runway is a rectangular area on a land aerodrome reserved for aircraft landing and takeoff. The area can often be a man-made surface made of concrete and asphalt, or a natural surface covered with grass, gravel, or even snow. Let us find out about the longest runway in the world.  

List Of 10 Longest Runway In The World

The longest runway in the world is listed below as per their length. Let’s check them.

  1. Qumdo Bamda Runway
  2. Zhukovsky International Runway
  3. Ulyanovsk Vostochny Runway
  4. Shigatse Peace Runway
  5. Embraer Unidade Gaviao Peixoto Runway
  6. Upington Runway
  7. Denver International Runway
  8. Hamad International Runway
  9. Vandenberg Air Force Base
  10. Juancho E. Yrausquin Runway

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Top 10 Longest Runway In The World

From the above list of the longest runway in the world, there are the 10 longest runways ever.

  1. Qumdo Bamda Runway

Qumdo Bamda Runway

Length – 5,500 meters

The longest airport runway in the world at Qumdo Bamda Airport in China is 18,045 feet. The long runway is an essential feature of the airport considering its altitude. Higher altitudes reduce the engine and increase the efficiency of the aircraft. Thus it requires more than normal lift-off speed and therefore takes off and landing longer.

  1. Zhukovsky International Runway

Zhukovsky International Runway

Length – 5,402 meters

The second-longest runway in the world is Zhukovsky International Runway in Moscow, Russia opened it in 2016 as the city’s fourth international airport. It is the longest runway in Europe at 17,723 feet. The runway was built from the landing strip of Ramenskoya airfield.    

  1. Ulyanovsk Vostochny Runway

Ulyanovsk Vostochny Runway

Length – 5,000 meters

Ulyanovsk Vostochny Runway is located in Russia, 28 km northeast of Ulyanovsk. Its runway is 5,000 meters long and is connected to Shigatse Peace Airport in Chian as the longest runway for public use in the world. The runway is also the widest, with a total width of about 105 meters.

  1. Shigatse Peace Runway

Shigatse Peace Runway

Length – 5,000 meters

Shigatse Peace Runway or Shigatse Air Base is dual-use, it is one of the longest military runway in the world, and a civilian airport serving Shigatse the second largest city in Tibet Autonomous Region, China. This runway is located in Jangdam Township, 43 km from Shigatse.

  1. Embraer Unidade Gaviao Peixoto Runway

Embraer Unidade Gaviao Peixoto Runway

Length – 4,967 meters

The Embraer Unidade Gaviao Peixoto Runway is one of the longest runways in the world in miles located in Gaviao Peixoto, Sao Paulo Brazil. It is a private airport mainly used as a proven facility for Embraer civil and military aircraft. The airport has the longest runway in the United States and the 5th runway in the world at 16,296 feet.

  1. Upington Runway

Upington Runway

Length – 4,900 meters

Upington Airport Runway has three-runway the primary one measuring 4,900 meters is located in Upington, Northern Cape, South Africa. The height of the airport, the extremely high summer temperatures, and the fact that it was designed for a Boeing 747 required the extreme length of the main runway.

  1. Denver International Runway

Denver International Runway

Length – 4,877 meters

Denver International Airport, Colorado, has the longest commercial runway in North America in the United States. The 16R/34L runway is 16,000 feet long and Denver International Airport is one of the six runways that make it one of the largest and busiest airports in the world.

  1. Hamad International Runway

Hamad International Runway

Length – 4,850 meters

Hamad International Runway is the International Airport in the state of Qatar and is home to Qatar Airways, the flag carrier of Qatar. Located south of its capital Doha, it replace the nearby Doha International Airport as Qatar’s main airport. It is one of the longest runways in the world code is DOH.

  1. Vandenberg Air Force Base

Vandenberg Air Force Base

Length – 4,572 meters

Vandenberg Space Force Base, formerly Vandenberg Air Force Base, is a United States space force located 14.8 km northwest of Lompok, California. Established in 1941, the Vandenberg space force base is a space launch base that launches spacecraft from the western range and also conducts missile tests.

  1. Juancho E. Yrausquin Runway

Juancho E. Yrausquin Runway

Length – 400 meters  

Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport is an airport located on the Dutch Caribbean island of Saba it is known as the shortest runway in the world, with a runway of 400 meters. The airport officially began service on 24 July 1964.

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 What Are The Top 5 Longest Runway In The World?  

  • Qumdo Bamda Runway: Total Length – 5,500 meters
  • Zhukovsky International Runway: Total Length – 5,402 meters
  • Ulyanovsk Vostochny Runway: Total Length – 5,000 meters
  • Shigatse Peace Runway: Total Length – 5,000 meters
  • Embraer Unidade Gaviao Peixoto Runway: Total Length – 4,967 meters 

Where Is The Longest Military Runway?

Edward Air Force Base (EAFB) is situated 11km south-west of North Edwards, California in the US. Built on a 301,000-acre (470-square-mile) site, it is the second-largest air force base in the US and features the longest runway in the country. The base was opened in 1933.

Which Country Has The Longest Runway?

Qamdo Bamda Airport in China claims the title of longest publicly used paved runway in the world, at 5,500 metres (18,045 ft). It is a necessary feature given the airport’s high altitude (4,400 metres above sea level).

Which Is The Largest Airport In The World?

Dammam International Airport
Also known as Dammam International Airport or Dammam Airport (DMM), this is the biggest international airport in the world serving Dammam in Saudi Arabia. Located some 31 km from the city, the airport is named after the former King of Saudi Arabia, Fahd ibn Abdulaziz.

What Is The Smallest Runway In The World?

Yrausquin Airport, clinging to Saba’s only bit of flat land, is proof that it can be done. With a strip of asphalt just 1,300 feet long (about 400 meters), only 900 feet of which are “usable,” the runway is not much longer than an aircraft carrier.

How Long Is The Longest Runway In Spain?


Madrid Barajas International Airport, Spain

Of the airport’s four runways, two measure more than 13,000ft in length, with the longest coming in at 14,268ft. The longest runway, designated 18R-36L, started operations in November 1998 and is one of the largest runways in central Europe.

Who Has The Longest Runway In The World?

The longest civil airport runway has a total length of 5.5 km (3.41 miles) and is situated at Qamdo Bamda Airport, in Qamdo, Tibet, China. The airport opened in 1995.

What Is The Hardest Runway To Land At?

Often called the world’s most dangerous airport, the gateway to Everest, in the mountains of Nepal, has its runway laid out on a cliffside between mountains – just 1,729 feet of it – dropping straight into an abyss at the end. To help planes slow down, it’s even slanted upwards.

Which Aircraft Takes Longest Runway?

The Boeing 747 is considered to have the longest takeoff distance of the more common aircraft types and has set the standard for runway lengths of larger international airports. At sea level, 3,200 m (10,500 ft) can be considered an adequate length to land virtually any aircraft.

Is There A Runway 0?

You shouldn’t find any runway numbered either “0” or “00”. Any runway which points to magnetic north will normally be given the designator “36” (as in 360 degrees). This will also correspond with the headings read out by both ATC and the pilot.

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In this article, we share the details about the top 10 longest runways in the world. We discussed how they are long and where they are located. Also, we see the shortest runway, the military runway, which is the longest runway in Europe. Also, which are the top 5 runways are longer in the overall world. We have seen in which year the airport was opened. The above information was all about the longest runway in the world

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Which is the longest runway in the world

What is the longest runway in the world?