10 Longest Roads In The World

Are you curious to learn about how many longest roads in the world are there? Roads are a common sight in almost all parts of the world. Sometimes, roads are the only way to reach remote rural areas. But what is the longest road in the world?  How far will it take you? Here, in this article, we will talk about the longest roads in the world based on length.  

List Of 10 Longest Roads In The World

The longest roads in the world are listed below as per the length of roads.

  1. Pan-America Highway 
  2. Asian Highway 1
  3. Highway 1
  4. Trans-Siberian 
  5. Europen Route E-40 
  6. Trans-Canada 
  7. Golden Quadrilateral National Highway
  8. Interstate 90
  9. Interstate 80
  10. Saudi Arabia Highway 10

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Top 10 Longest Roads In The World 

From the above list, there are the 10 longest roads in the world so now let us find out more about these longest roads.

  1. Pan-America Highway

Pan-America Highway

Length – 19,000 miles(30,000km)

Pan-America is the longest drivable road in the world. Beginning in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, The road moves south, passing via Canada, the United States, Mexico, and Central America

  1. Asian Highway 1

Asian Highway 1

Length – 12,744 miles(20,557 km)

It is the longest road in the world map and a part of the Asian highway network also called the great Asian highway. It extends from Turkey to Japan.

  1. Highway 1

Highway 1

Length – 9,000 miles(14,500km)

It is one of the longest roads in the world in km. This is an Australian road, it travels around the country and connects all the capital of the mainland and Darwin.

  1. Trance-Siberian


Length – 6,835 miles (100999.87 km)

This road is the longest non-loop road in the country, which starts in metropolitan St. Petersburg and ends in Vladivostok.

  1. Europen Route E – 40

Europen Route E - 40 

Length – 5,281 miles (8498.946 km)

Europen route E – 40 is the longest road in Europe, more than 8,000 km long. It flows between Farace and Kazakhstan.

  1. Trance-Canada


Length – 4,860 miles (7821.412 km)

The trance-Canada road crosses the whole of Canada from east to west. This way starts in Victoria and ends in St. John’s.

  1. Golden Quadrilateral National Highway

Golden Quadrilateral National Highway

Length – 3,632 miles (5845.137 km)

The golden quadrilateral national highway is the longest highway project in India and connects several major cities in the country. It is one of the longest roads in the world to drive.

  1. Interstate 90

Interstate 90

Length – 3,000 miles (4838.032 km)

Interstate 90 highway is the longest interstate highway in the united state and also it is the longest continuous road in the world beginning in Boston and ending in Seattle.

  1. Interstate 80

Interstate 80

Length – 2,899 miles (4667.488 km)

interstate 80 is approximately 120 miles shorter than the I-90. I-80 is the longest single road in the world built-in 1913.

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  1. Saudi Arabia Highway 10

Saudi Arabia Highway 10

Length – 161.557 miles (260 km)

Saudi Arabia Highway 10 is the longest road in the world without turns, it is a straight road. Which starts in the AI Haradh area and ends in AI Batha.

What Is The Longest Road In The World To Walk?

The longest road in the world to walk is from cape town, south Africa to Magadan, Russia. It is about  22,387 km long is considered to be the longest walking route in the world.

Longest Road Tunnel In The World

The Laerdal tunnel is the world’s longest tunnel , and the distance of this tunnel is 24.5 km.   

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What Is The Longest Road In The World 2022?

Highway 1 (Australia)

It is the world’s longest Highway, approximately 14,500 km (9,000 miles). The Highway was established in 1955 and is the only route to reach all Australian states, including the Northern Territory.

Which Is The Most Difficult Road In The World?

Running from the high-altitude Andean city of La Paz to the subtropical Yungas valleys and the Amazonian lowlands beyond, the 64km Yungas Road involves a sharp 3,500m descent.

What Is The Safest Road In The World?

The safest roads in the world can be found in Norway. Scoring an impressive 8.21 out of 10, the research found Norway the safest country to drive in.

Which Country Is Famous For Roads?

UAE. The emirates, according to the words of the experts, is the country with the best roads in the world. All highways have at least three lanes each way, potentially hazardous areas are enclosed by dividers, and layout is as comfortable and safe as it is just possible for drivers.

Which City Has Bad Traffic In India?

Bengaluru tops the chart of India’s most traffic-congested cities, followed by Pune (ranked 6), New Delhi (34) and Mumbai (47). TomTom Traffic Index ranks cities around the world by their average travel time and provides free access to city-by-city information.

What Are The Longest Streets In The United States?

Colfax Avenue: The Longest Continuous Street in the USA | Denver International Airport.


We looked 10 longest roads in this article. We discussed their length and where they start and end. We sawwhich is the longest road in the world that man can walk, also you see which tunnel is long. The above information was all about the longest roads in the world.

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What is the 10 longest road in the world

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