The Longest Living Octopus In The World

Are you ready to know about the longest living octopus? Octopuses are invertebrates that live in the sea and they are covered with big heads, big eyes, and eight long arms. These arms are used to capture prey, maneuver around the bottom of the ocean, and propel oneself through the water. In this post, we will look at what is the longest living Octopus? And how tall are they? Let us check the longest living Octopus.   

List Of The Longest Living Octopus

The longest living octopus is listed below as per their age. 

  1. Giant Pacific Octopus
  2. Dumbo Octopus 
  3. Blue-Ringed Sea Octopus 
  4. Mimic Octopus 
  5. Common Octopus

Longest Living Octopus

From the above list of the longest living octopus, there is the 5 longest octopus. Let us compare some of these octopuses.

  1. North Giant Pacific Octopus

North Giant Pacific Octopus

Age – 3 to 5 Years

Do you know which is the pet octopus longest living?

The longest living Giant Pacific Octopus is also known as the North Pacific giant octopus. It is a large marine cephalopod of the genus Enteroctopus. Its local distribution includes coastal North Pacific, including Oregon, California, Washington, British Columbia, Alaska, Russia, Japan, and the Korean Peninsula. This octopus is the longest living octopus in captivity. Radish-pink in color and their weight is up to 71kg based on scientific records.

  1. Dumbo Octopus

Dumbo Octopus

Age – 3 to 5 Years 

Grimpotenuthis is a genus of pelicic umbrella octopuses, also known as dumbo octopuses. Dumbo octopus is the second-longest living octopus species. Dumbos roam the seabed, searching for polychat worms, pelagic copepods, isopods, amphipods, and other crustaceans for food. Dumbo octopuses are lived deep at the bottom of the oceans. There are comes in universal tan color with short arms.

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  1. Blue-Ringed Sea Octopus

Blue-Ringed Sea Octopus

Age – 1 to 2 Years

Blue-ringed sea octopus is one of the longest living species of octopus. It is belonging to the genus Hapalochlaena, which is one of the 4 most venomous species of octopus. They are found in tide lakes and coral reefs in the Pacific and Indian Oceans, from Japan to Australia. They have come in yellow with bright blue circles in color.

  1. Mimic Octopus

Mimic Octopus 

Age – 1 to 2 Years 

Mimic Octopus is a species of octopus in the Indo-Pacific region. The Mimic Octopus and its close relative wunderpus are the only animals that actively limited the number of many animals to stay away from predators. They come in light tan with dark brown stripes in color. Mimic octopus hides their six legs and make 2 arms and look like sea snakes.

  1. Common Octopus

Common Octopus

Age – 1 to 2 Years

The common octopus is a mollusk belonging to the genus Cephalopoda and is also known as the octopus Vulgaris. It is a cosmopolitan, that is, a global species, from the East Atlantic, extending from the Mediterranean Sea and the southern coast of England to the southern coast of South Africa. They come in brownish-green in color.

Why is the octopus lifespan so short?

The life of an octopus is limited by reproduction. Males can live only a few months after mating, and females die immediately after hatching. 

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What Is The Longest An Octopus Has Lived?

The northern giant Pacific octopus (Enteroctopus dofleini) is the largest, longest-lived octopus species. Although its average length and mass are 5 metres and 20 to 50 kilograms respectively, the largest recorded individual was 9.1 metres long and weighed 272 kilograms. They typically live for three to five years.

Can Octopus Live 100 Years?

Octopuses have a relatively short lifespan; some species live for as little as six months. The Giant Pacific Octopus, one of the two largest species of octopus, may live for as much as five years. Octopus lifespan is limited by reproduction. For most octopuses the last stage of their life is called senescence.

Do Octopus Only Live 1 Year?

Most species live only one to two years, and a newly imported octopus may have just weeks left. Some robust common species, such as the California two-spot octopus, get along relatively well in captivity. Others, such as the fabled but delicate mimic, do much worse.

What Is Life Expectancy Of Octopus?

It varies according to species, but octopuses, both wild and captive, live roughly 1 to 5 years. This short lifespan is a consequence of a reproductive strategy known as semelparity, meaning that octopuses breed only once in their lifetime and die shortly thereafter.

Does Octopus Feel Pain?

Lobsters, crabs, and octopuses can feel pain and should not be cooked alive, says new report. Lobsters, crabs, and octopuses have feelings and should therefore not be cooked alive, a new scientific report has said.

Is It Legal To Have A Pet Octopus?

There are currently no laws regarding keeping a pet octopus and you don’t need a permit in any states. However, you may have trouble keeping one if you live in an apartment or condominium. Many buildings have strict rules about tank size and you cannot keep them in a small tank.

How Old Is The Oldest Octopus Fossil?

approximately 330 million-year-old

Scientists have found the oldest known ancestor of octopuses – an approximately 330 million-year-old fossil unearthed in Montana. The researchers concluded the ancient creature lived millions of years earlier than previously believed, meaning that octopuses originated before the era of dinosaurs.

Do Octopus Mate With Babies?

Giant Pacific Octopus mate only once in their three- to six-year lifespan. The male passes a spermatophore into the female’s mantle during mating. The female has up to 6 months to use it to fertilize her eggs. She then lays 20,000 to 80,000 eggs in long, braided strands that look like white, tear-shaped grape cluster

Why Are Octopus Lifespans So Short?

Why Is Octopus Lifespan So Short? The octopus’ short lifespan relates to their reproductive process. As semelparous animals, they have babies once, and then die. Female octopuses can lay up to 200,000 eggs. Of course, that doesn’t mean that all of them will hatch.

Do Giant Octopus Exist?

Weighing 600 pounds (around 272kg) and having a 30 foot (around 9 meters) arm span, the largest recorded giant pacific octopus was truly enormous. Giant pacific octopuses are powerful predators that are able to eat anything from shrimps and lobsters to birds and likely small sharks.

Are Octopus Older Than Dinosaurs?

The answer might surprise you Scientists in Montana recently found a fossil of an early ancestor of modern octopuses. It lived about 330 million years ago — before the age of dinosaurs.


In this article, we share information about the octopus. We discussed how long do octopus live? And how many years they are lived. Also, we have seen where they are found and which color they have. The above details were all about the longest living octopus.

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