2 Longest Hallway In America

Longest Hallway In America

Longest Hallway In America

Did you know where is the longest hallway in America? A hallway or corridor is a rppm for connecting other rooms. Hallway are usually long and narrow. The hallways are wide enough to ensure that building can be evacuated in the event of a fire and to allow wheelchair users to navigate. Today we are going to looked at the longest hallway in america.  

List Of 2 Longest Hallway In America

In the downward index there are 2 longest hallway in america, let us find out their names. 

  1. Infinite Corridor
  2. 907 ft Corridor 

Top 2 Longest Hallway In America

From the above list of the longest hallway in america there are 2 corridor. Let’s check out the longest hallway in america.

  1. Infinite Corridor

Infinite Corridor

Length – 823 ft

The infinite corridor is a 251 meter hallway that runs through the main building of the massachusetts institute of technology, especially parts of building 3, 4, 7, 8, and 10. It is the longest hallway in north america. This corridor is important because it connects the main MIT buildings, but also serves as the most direct indoor route east and west of campus. Twice a year, in mid-November and late January, the corridor rises in length according to the position of the sun, filling the entire corridor with sunlight. Named MIT infinite corridor (MIThenge), which runs 825 ft.

  1. 907 ft corridor

907 ft corridor

The longest hallway in america 907 feet located in boca raton innovation campus where Reddit Poster claims to work. In terms of providing perspective, it is longer than the Golden Gate Bridge, which is 746 feet high.

How Long Is The Golden Gate Bridge 

The total length of golden gate bridge is 8980 ft (2737 meter) and the one-mile-wide (1.6km). 

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Where Is The Longest Hallway?

Papajohnny118 proved to be something of a party pooper though, acknowledging that while it was “impressive,” the Guinness Book of World Records said “the longest corridor is in the Summer Palace in Beijing and runs for 728 m (2388 ft).” Newsweek has contacted herekittyx for comment.

What Is The Longest Hallway In The World?

The Long Corridor in the Summer Palace in Beijing, China, runs for 728m 2388ft and is built entirely of wood and divided by crossbeams into 273 sections.

How Long Is Mit’s Infinite Corridor?

The central artery/highway/(insert metaphor/analogy/figurawhatever here – hey, I’m not a HASS major) on campus, the Infinite Corridor is an 825-foot-long (that’s . 16 miles, or 147 smoots, or 251 socialist feet) hallway that runs the entire length of MIT’s main buildings.

Does The Infinite Corridor Exist?

The Infinite Corridor lies in an an alternate realm in another dimension which can be accessed from the boss room of the Abandoned Castle in the later part of the game


In this article, we looked at the 2 longest corridor in America and where is it. We also discussed hallway length and length of golden gate bridge. Also, which hallway is longer than golden gate bridge and which hallway is long in North America.we also see what is MIThenge. It was all about the longest hallway in America.



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