Cheap Car Shipping Tips  

Cheap Car Shipping Tips

Planning is important when it comes to car shipping; setting your budget before getting quotes will allow you to identify those companies whose prices fall outside your desired range.

Be flexible when scheduling pickup and delivery dates; shippers will typically offer a window, so being accommodating beyond this point may save money.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead can significantly lower the costs associated with shipping your car; by giving carriers and brokers more leeway to fit it into their schedules when best suits their capacity.

Planning car transport involves selecting dates and times of year that are most suitable for both you and the shippers. The way to obtain cheap car shipping is by planning ahead and booking a trip in advance, when possible. Knowing the right time of year is integral in obtaining maximum savings.

Summer is typically the busiest season for auto transport services, which drives up prices significantly; spring or fall would offer much lower shipping rates. Alternatively, terminal-to-terminal shipping may save more money than peak times.

Being flexible with pick-up and delivery dates will also save money when transporting a car, saving both time and money on shipping services. Car carriers often charge extra if you require your vehicle by a specific date; by being more open with dates you may get better car shipping deals, and saving even more by selecting open transport instead of enclosed services which are more costly.

Choose an Open Carrier

Open carriers are an economical choice when it comes to shipping cars across the country, transporting up to nine vehicles at once with their two-level trailers and providing cheaper pricing than enclosed transport options.

Open transport has one main drawback – your vehicle will be exposed to external elements like road debris and weather conditions that could compromise it. Therefore, this may not be suitable if transporting luxury, vintage, or collectible cars.

Additionally, selecting pickup and drop-off locations that are far away from common routes can increase the cost of car shipping significantly. You should take into account lodging expenses, food costs, gas costs and wear and tear to your car when considering all factors involved.

Check reviews and BBB ratings of companies you consider before choosing one to ship with; additionally compare multiple quotes at once before making your final choice.

Be Flexible

Saving money when shipping your car means taking an objective look at the situation and prioritizing what matters most. For instance, if it’s important for you to transport an old classic that took years of restoration work, paying an enclosed carrier’s premium might be worth your while.

Alternatively, if you are simply moving for work purposes, driving yourself could cost a lot of money in gas expenses, food expenses and lodging fees; not to mention other miscellaneous fees that can add up quickly. You can click here to learn more about current gas prices.

Avoid Door-to-Door Shipping

Avoid door-to-door shipping whenever possible when searching for cost-effective car shipping solutions.

Although this may seem more convenient than other approaches, door-to-door carriers must pay for gas and extra labor when transporting your car directly to its final destination instead of driving it directly to a terminal to load or unload. This could add up quickly if shipping an expensive classic car or other exotic vehicle.

Before selecting a cheap auto transport company, it is wise to obtain multiple quotes. You can click the link: to learn more about comparison shopping.

Unscrupulous companies may use low quotes as bait in order to increase prices once their services have been booked; to protect yourself, always opt for an established and trustworthy provider with positive customer reviews on-line before booking any services from them.

Opt for Terminal-to-Terminal Shipping

Terminal-to-terminal transport offers cost-effective car shipping solutions, giving you greater flexibility with regards to drop off and pick up dates compared to door-to-door services which require meeting carriers at specific times and locations.

Costs associated with car shipping depend heavily on its pickup and delivery points, size and condition of the vehicle, shipping distances (particularly cross-country deliveries) as well as its dimensions (larger vehicles cost more to ship).

Modifications that alter its height or ground clearance also increase costs significantly while long distance or cross country shipping requires longer driver time on the road, further increasing costs. Consider removing your aftermarket accessories in order to obtain cheaper rates.

Before selecting a company to ship your car, it is wise to compare prices from various providers and request guaranteed pricing, which ensures that the original quote remains constant throughout.

Many consumers find car shipping to be the ideal way to transport their vehicle over long distances. When considering this service, be sure to take your time and do your research. You will want to find a reputable company for best results.